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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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different from your neighbor 20 or so miles away. i will show you that. but right new through philadelphia area we have blue showing up there which looks beautiful this morning. sky cam three overlooking center sit friday cbs-3 studios. then we will go out to reading where you can see wet roads out there, 67 degrees, lights glistening on the highways and for good reason as we look at storm scan three. notice showers. some of them getting heavier throughout the reading area they are not every where, as you hit philadelphia and points south of that and to the east of that we are not finding any showers but we will have them to the north, zooming in here you can see reading area picking up that heavier rain and some amount could be from half inch under. they are showing us signs of picking up more moisture out there in these systems. you can see where they are not at this point but where they are heading, so we have some maybe thinking of getting in that lower merion area as well
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and richland hilltown, pottstown, et cetera. that is the trend as we go through rest of the day you may fine these showers breaking out here and there and that is wider look again, temperatures in the 60's in every location from 60 degrees in the poconos to 68 degrees through center city philadelphia our temperatures this have afternoon will be running cool with the clouds we are expecting and these showers high temperatures of 77 degrees. that is definitely cool for the month of august. >> now look at this at 2:00 this afternoon this computer model says the scattered, yes, scattered showers around some clouds, areas where clouds are not as heavy, we will move through at 5:00 we will still have scattered showers around and by the time we hit 7:00 they are starting to lesson. if you have a wedding or some other party tonight you'll than in better shape later on you go and then later than that skies will be clearing out overnight. it does not look bad whatsoever as we watch for a cool, camp day to day, with
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temperatures staying in the 70's, we will check out that eyewitness weather seven day forecast, coming up, todd? new to the latest on the deadly shooting in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. investigators are working to determine whether a home owner was acting in self-defense or malice when he open fire killing a father of two. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live outside with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: interesting story because police and investigators have been able to determine and release to the public so far was that one there was a shooting and two, that depending on where the shooting was and how it took place it may get into self-defense issues or over aggression issues and that is a decision for prosecutors to make to determine if there will be charges. i want to get into this story. lets look at video from the scene. it is thursday night, frankford section at 10:00 o'clock the 4500 block of josephine street where there is a little will alley where there is a pickup truck,
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56 year-old home owner is looking at surveillance video when he sees a man break nothing to that pickup truck on the video. man confronts thief and then shoots him in the head before calling police. shooting victim is a 30 year-old new jersey man, father of two, we later found out that the friend mistook the truck for his own. the shooter has been cooperating with police and gave his gun and security footage to investigators and said he was defending himself ape his property. now prosecutors will have to make that determination. meanwhile we will spoke to people nearby the scene. >> if they are break nothing to his property i don't see why he could in the defend himself. he should ab lud to defend himself. what else can you do, shot or be shot. >> reporter: one of the things prosecutors will look at is the castle doctrine amended in 2011. i want to read you a brief passage that says such
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locations one cannot use deadly force unless he has reasonable belief of debtor injury and cannot retreat to safety or attack displays or uses a lethal weapon. no lethal weapon from the shooting victim in this case. police have come out with that fur so far, they will work again with prosecutors, to come up with will there be charges in this case, charges for murder in we may in the necessity that until middle of this week as they continue to do their work. it is latest from police headquarters, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back to you, todd. police are investigating a shooting inside a germantown home. "eyewitness news" on the 5700 block of mcmahon avenue just after 9:00 friday night. investigators say a 45 year-old man was shot once in the ab. officers rush him to einstein hospital, the victim remains there this morning in critical condition. homicide detective have been busy this time, it is a deadly shooting in philadelphia's juniata
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neighborhood. police were called to the 1500 block of east luzerne street late last night, and a man in his 30's was shot twice in the head while on the streets. the victim was rushed to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead, so far there are no arrests. more than a dozen people are recovering from neck, back pain after a septa bus accident in montgomery county. police say the route 55 bus was making a stop on old york road in cheltenham where it was rear ended by a pepsi truck friday afternoon. a passenger of the truck was seriously injured there were minor injuries on the bus, medics treated the driver of that bus and about 19 passengers. it has happened again another philadelphia emergency vehicle breaks down while responding to a call, officials say that the driver shaft of fire truck engine number 69 came off in southwest philadelphia. it all happened at island and lindberg the truck was put in service in 1991 and has over
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one 19,000 miles on the the owe come meter. some fire fighters raised concerns to "eyewitness news" about the age and safety of the fire department's vehicles. a delaware cabdriver is facing charges for the sexual assault of the 22-year old woman he pick up as a fare. thirty year-old kaleed chubul i surrendered on thursday. police say's salted woman friday, august 15th after picking her up from the light house bar in dewey beach. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who robbed a pizza how hut in mayfair. look at this surveillance video. the suspect entered on frankford avenue around 10:00 o'clock wednesday night. he had a gun and demanded money from the register. the suspect got away with $162 in one was injury. now to another robbery in mayfair at around 2:00 friday morning two men robbed a red robin diner, also on frankford avenue and it is believed that one of the suspects had a gun.
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both got away with cash, customers were inside at the the time of the robbery, and fortunately in one was injured. it has been a much calmer night in ferguson, missouri following days of unrest and this morning the military presence is there dwindling. national guard troops called in monday to protect a police command center are clearing out. schools in ferguson which were supposed to open up last week are set the to open up on monday. the st. louis suburb has been on edge since 18 year-old michael brown and an unarm black teen was shot and killed by officer darren wilson who was white. fbi is warning u.s. law enforcement supporters of the islamic militant group known as isis could attack u.s. targets. it is latest in the growing threat that as craig boswell reports the the white house is now considering conducting air strikes in syria where isis has a safe happy even. >> reporter: iraqi forces sent out to reclaim towns in the northern part of the country where black isis flags fly.
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the islamic militant group has trapped the area with roadside bombs but they no longer controlled the strategic mosul dam. this new video of military air strikes earlier this week helped iraqi troops take back the damage now white house officials are considering air strikes in syria where isis is headquartered following the militant beheading of american journalist james foley. >> we have made clear time and again if you come after americans we will come after you where ever you are. >> reporter: foley's executioner was british one of more than an estimated 1,000 western europeans who have joined isis. isis propaganda video feature recruits from the u.s. >> with these weapons we will kill inn fidels. >> reporter: officials are concerned that these members may have passport that is allow them to travel freely. >> there is terrorist that come overseas and conduct active shooter scenario or explosive backpacks, those types of things are greatest
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threat to the united states. >> reporter: intelligence sources say isis does not have capability to carry out a large scale attack in the u.s. but if something isn't done to stop them right now they could eventually present a threat greater than that ever posed bio sam bin laden. in washington craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have all seen deer but out of ordinary dough is capturing imagination of one neighborhood why this wild animal is so rare, and we will have this. >> i'm kara suboy, c, coming up next, save big on back to school gadget shopping with my tips and tricks,
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resident get a glimpse at one of the most rare creations, connecticut woman spotted an all white deer dear in her dan bury backyard and she has video to prove it. lou young from cbs two news in new york spoke to the eyewitnesses. >> she came out of there as i was over there. >> reporter: we have all seen deer but the the dough shelley lowell spotted in her yard in danbury last week even was something else again, all white, head to hough. >> to see 1lone white deer dear was pretty amazing. >> reporter: she shot this video so people would believe her. >> i never seen a deer that color.
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i have only seen them the brown, and white. >> reporter: she saw it right over here, statistically one in every hundred deer are born that way but rare thing toys see one make it past first couple months of life because it is do i hide from predators when dressed in white. >> it is a pie ball deer as opposed to albino deer. it is just white instead of brown. >> reporter: that according to the environmental director in wilton, these deer thrive where there is more snow cover but this one is beaten the odds and captured a lot of imaginations. >> it is interesting. weird things are interesting. >> reporter: even neighbor, shown here a gardener with the giant squash here who hates mess deer said wow give this girl a pass. >> unaudible. >> reporter: they with like to see her again here. >> he hasn't been back yet but only a couple days ago that she was if she came through. >> reporter: we are waiting for great white deer dear in
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danbury, lou young, cbs two news. well, if you have plans this weekend, hopefully you do, it will be hit and miss when it comes to the weather right, carol. >> that is a pretty good summary, todd especially today. tommy think more generally everybody will be in fine shape but today depending where you are you may find a shower shore or there it doesn't look bad this morning as we look at the sky over ben franklin bridge, pennsylvania, new jersey and then we will move to the shore areas and it looks nice there. look at this interesting and beautiful start to the morning with the clouds making the sunrise just a little bit more dramatic here. i don't think you'll fine then are. you might find a rain shower and temperatures in the 70's but ocean is in the 70's as well. great place to go to head down to the shore areas. sixty-four in atlantic city. 64 degrees in wildwood, millville we added a degree, 65. we will add a couple degrees through that, and then
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temperature drop as we head to the north in the middle 60's through allentown area and 60 up in the poconos. we have seen some showers as you can see we've got them and they are bundled up, into this ball of energy and that is to the north through the the lehigh valley, some rainfall amounts could be half inch or less, probably most areas picking up less than that but this may be moving into other locations. expect to find some showers the scattered around as we go through the the rest of afternoon. we have two system but all funneling the air right along the shore areas. one of the reasons is there a maryland rate risk of rip current today and another reason we have these included because of the easterly wind. tomorrow this low moves further away this high gets more establish and our sun should be coming out tomorrow and we will be enjoying a beautiful looking day to close out the weekend. monday, also looks nice, temperatures of 82 degrees, sun out once again and we will start prolong period of dry
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weather. not necessarily here today in every location though. scattered around are these showers and we have seen them right now as i mention that had ball of energy up through lehigh valley but then it breaks up and we could find showers scattered around this afternoon. this is 5:00 o'clock. i have seen people on my twitter page i need a dry night tonight. it looks like 7:00 o'clock. it looks like this computer model is saying any energy we have got out there starts to go okay let people have their saturday night plans, we will leave. some clouds may be just a stray shower here or there but generally the improving trend starts this evening and just continues all day tomorrow. then this is tomorrow afternoon. notice clear skies. notice clear skies on monday, and tuesday, looks really nice. so this is nice weather we have got coming up and a lot cooler then normal for the month of august. what is the temperature outlook?
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well, i think when you see we have color coded legend for you, if you take a look at that but what you are finding and what we mostly care about, we're right on average as we move through the even of the month. the temperatures will come up a bit. if we did this today we will be finding temperatures cooler than normal but that is a look. off to the west, just slightly above. not much above just slightly above to the west. last half an hour i showed you precipitation and radar loop. now i'm showing you computer models on that low pressure system that is right now through puerto rico. these models are all over the the place, many of them taking this off the coast by middle of the week, off the united states coast but we are not totally out of the woods. we will watch to see with that system even becomes anything and if it does, exactly where it goes with you again a lot of these models want to send it off in the atlantic ocean. we are fine with that but we will continue to monitor any
6:18 am
tropical development over the next couple of days. philadelphia 77. shore 76. poconos 76 degrees. every location with a chance of the showers. wind east and breezy at the shore today. 60 degrees for temperature tonight, stray shower early and then after that 80 degrees tomorrow, in the bad and really comfortable this week but we will pick up humidity by tuesday 84 more humid. same deal on wednesday but it is warmer and then thursday 88 more humid and friday we will cool down 28 degrees with maybe a chance of the shower, todd. >> on the cbs healthwatch this morning it is a piece of clothing every parent owns, the onesy but now it is also a high tech way to keep tabs on your child. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how it could one day replace baby monitors. >> reporter: five month-old camden is not the best sleeper so his mom heather is testing out mimo a onesy with the
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twist. these green stripes zone in the fabric track camden's breathing and this little magnet turtle captures sound, skin temperature and position. >> it tracks everything. it tracks all of the movements. if he flipped have flipped over to his belly left side or right side. >> reporter: instead of the bedside machine for parents use tablets or smart fence to keep tabs on their baby. maker says it is mountain just about getting better sleep. parents can input when their baby eats, takes medicine or what they wear to bed all to try to find out what works best. >> overtime we are able to run moral gor rhythmo notification ifs a baby spikes a fever, rolls over or stops breathing. mimo starter kit cost $200, one of a variety of high tech baby monitors that will soon hit the market. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness don't look now but new school year is right around the corner. shopping for back to school
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shopping tips and reviews visit c kara suboy c for "eyewitness news". of course we want to see what it looks like when your children head back to school. snap and share your back to school pictures using hash tag cbs-3 mornings. you may get a chance to sees some of them on the air right rear on "eyewitness news". well, they get lot of use, day after day, still ahead, how to get the most out of your washer and dryer. we will be right
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back now on "eyewitness news" even if you use your washer and dryer daily you don't think about their care n this weeks angie's list report jim donovan has some things you should consider, in order to get the most out of those appliances. >> reporter: are you guilty of over stuffing your washing machine? rick candlebury an appliance repairman says it is a common mistake. >> more water you have in there the more freely your clothes will move around and wash. >> rule of thumb has come up to the top hole, of your inner tub, and then this is your inner tub, your outer tub on the outside is what hold water. bring your clothes up to about right there which is only about two thirds of the the way up on your agitator. >> reporter: off balanced load can also cause damage. >> wash heavy things with other heavy things. light things with other light things. weight wise.
6:25 am
so, you want to wash jeans with towels and t-shirts with underwear, socks, things lick that. >> reporter: if you have a front loader wipe door down to prevent a mildew odor. top layers should be cleaned to reduce build up. in the market for a new washing machine keep in mind prices between the two styles vary widely. >> when it comes to replacing your washing machine typically a top loading washing machine starts at $350 while a front loader starts at $700. >> reporter: you might save on a refurbish model. >> if you are doing that understand whether they come with the warranty or as is. >> reporter: don't forget triers need maintenance too so clean lint screens after every load and if you use dryer sheets rinse the screen. >> if the water you run through here pools up and you know you have a problem, you can use a wire brush to clean that. >> reporter: for more advice forgetting most out of your washer and dryer, visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan.
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a pop up dinner party had people dining in the middle of a busy fill street but it wasn't without bash lash, why it left a sour taste in the mouths of plenty any center city. send off is over, nutter administration finally strikes a contract deal with the cities largest municipal workers union. and, we will have this. >> reporter: school supply shopping used to be a time of excitement for parents and students but for many this year it is a down right hardship. i'm jane carabao, coming up, we will see how philadelphia students, teachers and parents are dealing with these big budget cuts. today it is saturday august 23rd good morning i'm todd quinones. we will begin this morning with the look at weather and that brings to us meteorologist carol erickson. good morning, carol. >> depending on where you are we have a whole different weather pictures than somebody else. let me take to you a couple locations, you can look out your own window as well.
6:30 am
notice beautiful sunrise, clouds at the shore just enhancing how pretty it is this morning in atlantic city. we will go out to reading, look at these wet roads. we have seen quite a bit of rain through redding with temperatures at 67 degrees. and through philadelphia the conditions look fine at this point but notice that we have some showers out there, on storm scan three to the the north and west and they have been pouring town through that reading area. this area has in the been really, too happy to move out of there so that is why we will continue to see that rain, continuing to come down, expect to find this around the reading area with heavier rain showers there as well and this is going to be moving in towards the fail area so weather changes various times today depending where you are. here's a look moving down closer to philadelphia, norristown starting to pick up at least a couple of sprinkles at this point and you could get more than that even out of it. we have temperatures in the 60's right now, poconos have dropped down in the 50's at 59 degrees. sixty-eight out at the airport
6:31 am
in philadelphia and it will be a cool afternoon. temperatures today getting to 77 degrees. mostly cloudy skies, most of the the time with some the scattered showers around and that said, this computer model says that by 3:00 in the afternoon we have them scattered around and we have them scattered around through south jersey. not a wash out but some damp weather expect as we move through today and first part of the late afternoon/early evening and after that things start to look better around here. we will time out the rest of that and talk about what we can expect, as we move on into another week in the month of august, todd. >> carol, thank you. a center city event featuring thousands of people dressed in white had business as long broad street seeing red. we are talking about the so-called dinner en blank and evening picnic with the location that is kept secret until the last minute. as "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren tell us, business as long have avenue of the arts are not too happy with the crowded streets.
6:32 am
>> reporter: one of philadelphia's busiest streets is feeling quite the hang over from pop up dinner party dinner en blank a instant party where people are giving short notice to show up with their own food table and chairs. broad street businesses say they lost customers who didn't feel like dealing with the main artery surprised shut down. >> about the log jam getting here. >> reporter: ruth's chris general manager bernie davis says he didn't learn about dinner en blank until under an her before it closed broad street between pine and chestnut. >> in one had any knowledge. it was surprising to all of us to say the least. >> reporter: to make matters worse the event was served as a rush hour special. >> my entire block was shut down like where i work the entire block was block off, like every where, it was impossible to get around. >> reporter: if the frustration shared across social media even councilman jim kenny took to twitter condemning poor planing of the surprise supper, he tells "eyewitness news" he is
6:33 am
sending a letter to organizers telling them quote i please ask that the impact on local businesses be given greater perfect answer before city signs off on a event with a another just effect on good tax paying businesses. the businesses support the idea of dinner promoting downtown, and they just ask for more prep time in the future. >> just a heads up, i necessity mystique about being a secret point but it could have caused more problems. >> reporter: dinner organizers tell us they reached out to local business about a week before the event telling them about street closures but they have not specified it would be for dinner en blank. reporting from broad street, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one of the mess longest, nastyes labor disputes in philadelphia's history has come to an end. mayor michael nut are sign a contract deal with district council 33, philadelphia's largest municipal workers union. blue color employees had been without a contract since july 2009, and then a new deal covers that period through
6:34 am
the end of june 2016. the deal includes reforms to pension cost, work rules and health care obligations. >> always wanted to have a contract you have seen me at this podium a hundred times saying that but we also needed a right contract. >> our members told us, go in there, take up as long as you can and get this deal done and that is what we d it was good, it was a good deal. >> if ratified more than 10,000 blue color city workers will get an up front bonus of $2,800 a three and a half percent raise now and another two and a half percent increase next year. now to philadelphia's school budget crisis, back to schooltime means school supplies are in high demand but it is an expense that is becoming too high for parents and teachers in the cash strapped school district. here's "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao. >> reporter: as teachers streamed out, at becker's parent teacher store in northeast philadelphia, jennifer kennedy was busy inside. she spent $300 of her own
6:35 am
money buying supplies for her classroom. >> we used to have a big supply. new we have just pencils. >> paper, fold ers. >> reporter: those are a few items she's asking her students to purchase but needs of philadelphia schoolteachers go far beyond that. >> you have to make sure you bring your own toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer. >> reporter: dianne rest nick has check out her classroom and she fears this school year could be worse than last. >> cleaning, my room wasn't cleaned so i have to be the cleaner. >> reporter: facing an 81 million-dollar budget gap district's latest round of cuts means that schools will be cleaned less frequently. >> if you need to bring in your own vacuum cleaners and your own cleaning supplies. >> reporter: while many say yes their supply list are longer this year they say they still expect to pay more out of pocket because they understand that many parents just can't afford it. >> it is hard enough keeping up with a regular list but now every year they keep adding extra. >> reporter: just as frustrating for teachers.
6:36 am
>> it looked bleak. >> reporter: they voiced their concerns for pft for second day outside district headquarters. >> children need a better place to go to school, in the fair to them. >> reporter: funding christ that is has turned what used to be a exciting time into a hardship. jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our coverage continues on line, for latest developments around the clock, you can check out our web site at cbs camden county police department's k-9 unit puts on a memorable show for summer campers, sergeant james and his k-9 partner zero performed for kids at the fair view summer camp. "eyewitness news" in the york ship square, zero it turns out is all time new jersey police dog record holder with 67 apprehensions. >> as a k-9 officer i figure if i can reach them at this height i don't to have chase them at this height. what we try to does try to
6:37 am
build community partnerships with the children and then as they grow to adults, continue those partnerships. is only way we can actually combat crime. >> friday was the last day of camp for those kids. long lines at the airport, how you can skip security if you plan ahead, that is coming up next. also ahead doctors say he is lucky to be alive, meet the man had a 20-pound tumor growing in his stomach and he didn't even know it. nearly ten years after the first sin city film was released we are getting a sneak peak at a sequel. you may need your umbrellas today but what about tomorrow. carol returns with your fore
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doctors say it is a miracle a man walking around with a 20 # pound tumor inside his stomach without even knowing it. as cbs news correspondent craig boswell reports it turns out the patient had a extremely rare form of cancer. >> reporter: seventy-six year old frank didn't think he within playing with his grand kids this summer. >> i honestly didn't think i had a chance at life. a 20-pound tumor. >> reporter: he didn't realize he had the massive tumor until he had an x-ray after the fall. >> this is the entire mass, essentially replacing the entire left half of his body. >> reporter: basketball sized growth was a soft tissue cancer liposarcoma, extremely rarest specially this size. >> one of the things that
6:41 am
surprised us with the size of the tumor and what it looked like under imaging and lack of symptoms. >> reporter: when surgeons at nyu medical center removed the tumor they had to take out one of frank's kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands. >> what you don't want to do is tug and pull on something while they are attached to these blood vessels. >> when i go woke up have after the operation i said thank god. >> reporter: frank and his family are grateful. >> for a while there, i thought i might lose him. >> i will live to be a hundred i'm happy. >> reporter: doctors say it is likely the tumor will grow back so frank is being check every three months. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the health front it turns out breakfast may in the be the the the most important meal of the day in, research published in the american journal of clinical nutrition, researchers found that breakfast eaters had no change in their metabolism and didn't lose weight than those who
6:42 am
skipped a morning meal, but there were health perks to eating breakfast, people who ate breakfast were more active during the daze and had steadier blood sugar levels. more and more flyers are fining a convenient way to travel using the precheck program, the transportation security administration says that nearly half of a million people have signed up since last december. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan has the very latest. >> reporter: at least twice a month photographer steve roddick traveled by plane to work. >> i usually walk in the airport already sweating from carrying all of my gear abe didn't help to be going through those lines. >> reporter: on his day off he came to the tsa enrollment center at new york's laguardia airport to be part of the precheck program. the passengers who pass a background check can skip regular security and go through shorter, faster, tsa precheck lines. you don't to have take off your shoes, remove your lap top or take off your belt when
6:43 am
screen. tsa says more than 40 percent of the domestic travelers have precheck status on their tickets. >> more and more people are signing up for expedited screening. at this point we're signing up somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 people a day. >> reporter: right now it cost $85 to enroll in the priest check program for a five-year period. >> the program started with one enrollment center in december, eight months later there are 300 nationwide. >> you have to go through a personal interview and during that interview process you have to provide fingerprint. >> reporter: more information on passengers means enhanced airport security. >> i recommend everybody do this. >> reporter: based on the numbers passengers with precheck may soon out number travelers without it. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". american airlines is expanding its fee for unaccompanied minors, starting next month the carrier will charge $150 for children between five and 14 years old
6:44 am
fly alone. that fee previously applied only to children five to 11. american says extending the fee will ensure the most safe possible travel. meanwhile more people will be flying over the labor day weekend compared to last year according to airlines for america which expects 14 million travelers up 2 percent from 2013. triple a forecast says it is almost 35 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home by car or plane. that is up 1.3 percent compared to last year. a lot coming up on cb. this morning in saturday, anthony mason and vanita nair join us live from new york with the preview, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd. coming up it keeps an eye on your car when you hand over the keys. the brand new technology that tracks the the parking a tenant. just what is it about water, a look at mysterious effects lakes, oceans, pools have on our health and happiness. it is most popular,
6:45 am
longest running sci-fi tv show of all time, the 50 year phenomenon of doctor who with the stars of the new season. all that plus your eye opener, dish and music in our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> thank you guys looking forward to it. bit of the hit and miss weekend shaping up for us here carol. >> not if you have a halo. i understand, todd. >> where do i get one of those. >> they are not easy to get. katie fehlinger just put one on, it fell right off, yesterday, i talk to her about ever wearing one again but we have some sun up there we have a beautiful start. look at how beautiful this sunrise is at the shore today. absolutely gorgeous weather. we have a different picture depending on where else you are. while sunnies up through the shore areas, through philadelphia, we have more in the way of clouds and then we will go to reading and look
6:46 am
the at the pavement, we have puddles out here, so lots of rain has fallen out through reading areas. temperatures in the 60's. everybody has comfortable temperatures but completely different picture depending where you are and what kind of sky conditions you will fine. 59 degrees in the poconos but it is 68 degrees in philadelphia at the airport and 64 down in wildwood this morning. storm scan three this is why we're seeing the difference, the shore, farther away from that rain and sunshine is there. we are seeing cloud and beginning of the sprinkles through philadelphia area. it has been raining a lot around reading, this is the trend this morning. we may fine these showers in other locations as we move through the the rest of the afternoon. high low, two of them together bringing easterly wind in here and it will keep us cooler and rather dam top day. you cannot rule out a shower or you won't be finding just dry conditions either from time to time. not a wash out but not a
6:47 am
guarantied dry day. tomorrow looks more like in the way of a day you'll find it dry and sunny. temperatures right around 80 degrees tomorrow. we will add 2 degrees to that by the time we get to monday. so 82 degrees. trend is to add a couple degrees every couple days over the next few days. our future weather, notice, the the showers, scattered around. this computer model says they are scattered but they are out there. some areas with breaks in the clouds. some areas with heavier amounts of clouds. by the time we hit five or 6:00 o'clock we have a shower maybe over philadelphia. by the time we will get to 8:00 o'clock not that much going on. the trend thinks starts get out, we are left with the beautiful looking start to the day and finish to the day on sunday, this is sunday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. we will move on through sunday evening and then notice that the skies remain clear. they are clear on monday, tuesday looks nice, and this continuing dry weather the way
6:48 am
it lies right now all the way through next friday. friday we might find a shower but until then increasing amounts of warmth, not heat but warmth, and humidity as we go through next week. tropical satellite, last time out showed many of them, but this is yet to be anything. this is something we're watching. notice it ace the lot of heavy rain. hate as fairly decent chance have of having tropical development, a 90 percent chance. that doesn't mean a rap california storm or hurricane could be a tropical depression. itathath
6:49 am
around. 60 degrees, mostly cloudy, stray shower early tonight and then after that we will clear out and things look great here tomorrow 80 degrees, monday eight two. tuesday eight 46789 more humid. more humid and warmer on wednesday at 87. thursday 88. and then, friday, it is cooler with a shower at 82 degrees, todd. carol, thank you. sound of jazz, filled the delaware river waterfront. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" at the the cobbs earth series. "eyewitness news" anchor chris
6:50 am
may helped mc event. they entertain the crowd. it was yet another big turnout, at the great plaza on penns landing. cbs-3 and cw philly are proud sponsors of the series. and, it is high praise for a new philadelphia restaurant being featured on a very prestigious list. the eatery is landing on a very impressive list of best new restaurants the in the country. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry gives us a sneak peak. >> reporter: olde city is men for its history, now one of the newest restaurants is making history. high street on market has been ranked second best new restaurant in the country by bone appetite magazine. >> excited, really honored to be select among great restaurants across the country. >> reporter: ellen yen opened up less than a year ago with the chef eye lee colt. neither knew magazine writer was checking out the the restaurant. >> completely anonymous which is that much more gratifying. >> reporter: they make that are own bread and use local ingredients which gave them the competitive edge.
6:51 am
>> many dishes are inspired by traditional, local dishes, for example, the philadelphia favorite, the roast pork provolone and broccoli robb. >> reporter: as vibrant as olde city is, area has seen many restaurants close leaving for sale signs behind. >> neighborhoods come up and they change and olde city has been one that has listen and change overtime. >> so thrilled to have recognition for high street the but so many restaurants have have been around for a long time and they are great as ever. >> reporter: joeys executive director of the olde city advertise trick. he said 13 new restaurants opened up in less than two years. >> olde city restaurant scene is still alive, vibrant and getting stronger every day. >> reporter: five more restaurants planned to open soon leaving only nine vacant spaces left in the area. in olde city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". from olde city we will go to sin city, latest film in the franchise is in theaters
6:52 am
this weekend, sequel nearly ten years in the making, susan marquez spoke to the film's stars. >> reporter: mobsters and drifters come to life from the pages of frank miller's graphic hoeffel. >> who wants to play. >> in sin city, a day to kill for, e va green plays title role a with man so seductive she drives men to murder. >> pure evil. >> she just uses men to gain money and power. she's a predator. she's a man either. >> what does it feel like. >> reporter: for josh brolin she's woman of his cream and nightmares. she quickly has him back in her clutches. >> she owns me. she gives him a call. he hear her voice and that chemistry starts to bubble and surface again. you realize that no matter how tough somebody presents themselves as chemistry has total control ultimately. >> reporter: lady gaga makes an appearance alongside a large cast, returning, from the first sin city they face
6:53 am
special challenge of shooting scenes in front of the green screen, with only doorways and furniture, for props. >> yes, it is minimal, minimal on all front except for you. you have no idea how it will turnout until you see it. >> reporter: graphic effects were added digitally creating a dark world where good people on the main street of sin city. susan marquez for cbs news, los angeles. >> no room left. >> we will be right back after
6:54 am
6:55 am
high of 77, that is cool this time of the year. >> it is, we should be at 85 degrees and we have seen a lot of august when it would be 90 plus but we have seen she is cooler temperatures. we get them again today. i don't hear a lot of
6:56 am
complaints. >> no. >> we don't mind a cooler sum are it is cooler win the their we just canned extant. >> wasn't that awful. >> people still talking about it because as we close out august you start thinking what is next. but ben franklin bridge, is what next is we might see a rain sure today but i think generally enjoy these cooler temperatures, couple clouds as well, we are fining these clouds along the shore areas but also some breaks in the clouds, and this are showers off to the north and west for reading area we have seen quite a bit of shower activity. that may be moving into our area as well so expect to find, at least scattered shower around today but temperatures will be cooler then that and then they will be rest of the week. seventy-seven today, at the shore areas with that maryland rate risk of rip current right around 76 degrees. the that is close to the ocean temperatures too. then on sunday 80 degrees, sunshine, we will start to see a lot less in the way of clouds tomorrow in fact it looks like it could be a mostly sunny day. on machine we have another sunny day, tuesday as well, we will keep dry weather coming
6:57 am
after a scatter shower chance today todd, carol, thanks very much. that is it for "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs cbs this morning the saturday is next, have a great weekend. >> bye-bye. explore maryland's: the coastal villages,is waiting. scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail. there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery.
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